Sweeping and wicking in Geneva

Tired of having frizzy, unruly hair, especially in the humid conditions of Geneva?

Look no further! There's a hair care technique that's gaining in popularity around town: balayage and blow-drying. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to silky, smooth hair.

XS Studio in Geneva, hair salon with expertise in balayage and highlights. 

Balayage and highlights can bring a new dimension to your hair look, but make sure you take good care of your hair to maintain its health and shine.

Always consult a professional like XS Studio in Geneva for the best results and enjoy the creative process of transforming your hair.

How do I maintain my highlights or balayage?

Avoid washing your hair too often, as this can cause faster fading. Try to limit shampooing to two or three times a week.

Use hair care products specially designed for color-treated or bleached hair. These products are formulated to protect color and keep hair moisturized. Use a violet pigment shampoo once every two washes to avoid yellow highlights.

Avoid overly intense heat sources, such as straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers, wherever possible, as heat can damage colored hair. If you must use a heated styling tool, be sure to apply a heat protection product beforehand.

Protect your hair from the sun by using a hair care product containing a UV filter, such as a spray.

Avoid brushing wet hair too hard, as it is more fragile and more likely to break. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. We recommend using a cosmetic product such as a leave-in cream before brushing.

Sweeping and wicking in Geneva

Hair balayage is a hair coloring technique that involves subtly lightening selected strands to give them a more natural, luminous appearance. This technique produces lighter highlights on selected strands, creating a subtle contrast with darker strands.

Balayage can be used to create natural, subtle looks or more dramatic, bold ones. It can also be used to add depth and texture to hair, using lighter or darker shades of color to add depth.

Balayage is a popular alternative to more traditional hair coloring techniques such as highlights or coloring. It provides a softer, more natural color that requires less maintenance than other coloring techniques. What's more, balayage can be used on all hair types - short, medium and long. Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy or frizzy, you can add any shimmer to the technique: copper, gold, mahogany, iridescent or ash.

You can also choose the shade: brown, dark chestnut, chestnut, light chestnut, dark blond, blond, light blond, very light blond, up to platinum.

Why get a balayage or highlights?

First of all, balayage and highlights are perfect for adding dimension to your hair. Whether you have long or short hair, these techniques can create an illusion of depth and make your hair look fuller.

Unlike traditional coloring, balayage and highlights use a painting technique to achieve a more natural, even look. This means your hair will have different shades and tones, giving it a multi-dimensional look.

One of the main advantages of balayage and highlights is their low maintenance. Unlike traditional hair coloring, these techniques allow hair to grow smoothly. This means you won't have to worry about constant touch-ups or visible roots.

You can simply let your hair grow naturally, and the balayage or highlights will remain beautiful. So it's a perfect option for people who want a stylish look but don't have the time or inclination to visit a salon regularly.

In addition, balayage and highlights can be lifesavers if you're looking to conceal gray hair. Instead of dyeing your hair entirely, which can be damaging and time-consuming, you can strategically place highlights or balayage to camouflage unwanted white hair.

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